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Av anonym anonym - 16 juli 2019 01:42

jag :what do you think ? if this the blue accessory came to an end but to be the first time I did something like this, I am proud of myself. have been stuck glued to youtube and watch for 3 days how to do have a proud darling.

jag: take me 7 hours totaly

älsklingen: Honey you are wonderful

jag thanks honey

älsklingen: So beautiful honey

jag: thank you honey

älsklingen : How are you doing the most beautiful one in my universe?

jag: its fine with your princess

älsklingen: What are you doing at the moment honey?

jag : nothing thinking little and eat scones

älsklingen: Honey what is wrong?

älsklingen: Honey why are you thinking?

jag: little problem with a friend just
jag : little worried

älsklingen: Honey you need to take good care of yourself

älsklingen : You don't have to worry yourself because soon I will be with you and everything will be fine

jag: i know honey

älsklingen; I love you so much honey

jag : i love you too

älsklingen : Explaining to you how much and why I love you, would be like me describing how water tastes. It's impossible.

jag: you are the best honey

Honey what is the time over there?

jag: its 21:20

jag: thanks to you, i have become stronger by me in many points than before. You are the one who made me realize it

älsklingen: Wish I am there with you honey

jag: yes honey

älsklingen: bought 2 new linen today mrn where so stupid in my head that i shed away the receipt so can not return one

älsklingen : Honey can't wait to be with you and kiss your lips

jag: cozy ?

älskligen : skickade bilden med rosorna
älsklingen: i love so much

jag : ohh thank you honey

älsklingen:You are the source of my joy, the center of my world and the whole of my heart.

jag : thank you that warm my ??

älsklingen: You are welcome honey

jag :

älsklingen : Honey I have to go is late over here.
Take good care of yourself honey


Välkommen till min Blogg som handlar mitt liv och känslor tankar både negativt/positiva och mitt barn som är beräknat 19 jan 2015 ,och smått och gott. lite varierat med andra ord och bilder på det som jag vill visa eller ge tips på.

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